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Automation at its finest
Automation at its finest
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We are Facade Technologies - a tech startup based in the heart of Tucson.
We create general solutions that can be applied to many areas in software automation, testing, and more!

Our goal is to simplify our customers’ everyday tasks through automation, and we aim to do so by putting ourselves between you and your software, as a Facade of sorts. From there, we make automation extremely simple, adaptive, and flexible for you, letting you take a step back as we take the driver’s seat and do the bulk of the work for you. Whether, you're a producer of software or a consumer, we're here to make your life easier.

Our Story


Facade Technologies is all about making automation easier for YOU.

Exhaustive Automation

Our goal is to give you the ability to automate any task that you already perform with user-level software.

Software Re-use

We build off of the software you already use to make it more efficient.

Strategic Design

A user-friendly interface is our #1 priority. We've made a process so simple that anyone can do it!


We know that software changes, and we're ready to change with it.

Our Product


We're all ambitious engineers who graduated from the University of Arizona in May 2020. Our team was formed in September, 2019 and we've worked tirelessly since to develop an automation solution that's effortless to use and so flexible that it brings tears to our eyes. Each team member is a shareholder of Facade Technologies because we believe that ownership is the best compensation.

Sam Badger Bio Portrait

Sam Badger

CEO, Founder & Developer

Sam founded Facade Technologies and recruited a team to build our product, Facile, during his senior year.

He graduated in May, 2020 from The University of Arizona where he earned a bachelors degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering with a minor in Computer Science.




Philippe Cutillas Bio Portrait

Philippe Cutillas

Chief Technology Officer & Lead Software Engineer

At Facade, Philippe is in charge of overseeing development and being the lead developer, and his focus is always on simplifying the end-user's experience.

He graduated from the University of Arizona with dual bachelor's degrees in Electrical & Computer Engineering and Mathematics. He is now in LA pursuing a Master's in Computer Science at USC, and plans to continue his education through to a PhD.

His greatest interests are in quantum computing and machine learning, so he hopes to work on quantum machine learning in his academic research.




Andrew Mugambi Kirima Bio Portrait

Andrew Kirima

Chief Business Development Officer & Software Engineer

Andrew graduated in May, 2020 from The University of Arizona with a bachelors degree in Systems Engineering and a minor in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

At Facade, he creates & executes a business strategy to develop potential business opportunities, cultivate product development, and build the Facade brand.

Andrew hopes to one day create products that will enhance the energy industry using artificial intelligence and/or quantum computing.





Craig M. Berge Design Day 2020

Ball Aerospace for Best System Software Design

Awarded to recognize the use of our software in the process of designing systems for operation, management, control and usability.

ACSS, an L3Harris and Thales Joint Venture Award for Most Robust Systems Engineering

Awarded to recognize the most robust system to address all elements of our project from the perspective of the Systems Engineering Process.


The Facade Technologies team

Senior Starts Company to Sponsor His Own Capstone Project

Making Software Automation Simple

Electrical and computer engineering student Sam Badger always liked the idea of starting his own business. While interning at Mahr Inc. in spring 2019, he developed a library to automate a piece of software...


Our product is still under development, but we'll be looking for beta testers soon. If you'd like to be a beta tester, please let us know! You'll get exclusive access to all features of our software for a limited time. All we ask for in return is your honest feedback.

We will be unveiling our product this summer in brand new site orchestrated towards our product!


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